Open Access Week 2011, the annual event celebrating the global movement towards open access to research and scholarship, runs this year from October 24-30. The event provides an opportunity to learn about the benefits of open access, share new ideas and strategies, and inspire wider participation in establishing open access as the norm in scholarly communication.

Open Access Week has served as a launching pad for new open access publication funds, open access policies, and papers reporting on the societal and economic benefits of open access.

Participation in this highly successful event continues to grow. This year, there are over 2,000 individuals in more than 110 countries registered in the Open Access Week social network. Participation remains strong throughout Europe and North America and will be complemented by new activities in regions as diverse as Algeria, Gambia, Iceland, Iraq, and Sudan. The global nature of this event is captured by an interactive Open Access Week member map.

Learn more by visiting the Open Access Week website.