Health eVillages is a new health care and human rights advocacy consortium which aims to bring mobile medical reference and decision support technology to clinicians fighting to save lives in underserved regions worldwide. Health eVillages will be assisting health care professionals practicing medicine in the most challenging clinical environments, by providing them with mobile clinical reference and decision support tools for medical training, diagnostics and clinical references.

Health eVillages is comprised of leading international health care advocacy organizations, mobile health care solution providers, health information technology companies, communication providers and public health foundations. They will provide health care professionals in disadvantaged areas with new and refurbished mobile phones and handheld devices that do not require internet access and are preloaded with clinical decision support reference tools, to ensure caregivers and patients have safe access to updated medical references in remote locations. All devices include drug guides, medical alerts, journal summaries and references from over 50 medical publisher’s resources.

Health eVillages is a collobaration between Physician’s Interactive and the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights.

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