Carbon Emissions Affect Health


The Lancet, British Medical Journal and Finnish Medical Journal have come together to urge health professionals around the world to put health at the heart of climate change negotiations.

An editorial, published simultaneously in all three medical journals on 18 November 2010, warns that failure to agree on radical reductions in emissions spells a global health catastrophe. Written by Ian Roberts and Robin Stott on behalf of the Climate and Health Council, the editorial is a call to action for health professionals across the world to help tackle the health effects of climate change.

“Responding to climate change could be the most important challenge that health professionals face,” the authors say. “We invite colleagues everywhere to join us in tackling this major public health scourge of the 21st century.”


1. Roberts I, Stott R. Doctors and climate change. Lancet, published online 18 Nov 2010. (open access; free registration required)