On the Frontline Against Malaria


The Lancet has launched a Series that puts malaria elimination under the microscope and examines the technical, operational and financial challenges that confront malaria-eliminating countries.

The first paper in the Series places malaria elimination in a historical context, provides detailed information about present malaria-eliminating countries, and summarizes the risks and benefits of elimination. The second paper uses mathematical modeling to quantify the relative feasibility of elimination, from both an operational and technical viewpoint. The third paper investigates the operational challenges of achieving elimination and preventing subsequent reintroduction. The fourth paper presents information about the costs and benefits of elimination and the challenges of maintaining elimination and postelimination finance over a long period.

The call to action draws attention to what needs to be done over the next decade to fully maintain the momentum of shrinking the malaria map.

The first three Series papers, the call to action and three additional commentaries are available open access. Free registration required.

The Lancet: Malaria Elimination