“Access to health information should be considered as equally important as to access to drugs and equipment. All are essential tools in the delivery of safe, efficient and effective care and/or advice.” – PPE Fact Sheet

The PPE Fact Sheet ‘Meeting the information needs of health professionals,’ prepared by the HIFA2015 Steering Group and the PPE Secretariat, is now available in three languages.

Healthcare Information for All by 2015 (HIFA2015) is a global campaign and knowledge network with more than 3,000 members from 1,800 organizations in 150 countries worldwide, all working towards the HIFA2015 goal: ‘By 2015, every person worldwide will have access to an informed health care provider.’

The Positive Practice Environments (PPE) Campaign is a multi-agency collaboration which aims to improve work environments, staff recruitment and retention and quality of health services through the development of positive practice environments.

The fact sheet is available in PDF in English, French and Spanish:

  • English: Positive Practice Environments: Meeting the information needs of health professionals (PDF 196 KB)
  • French: Environnements favorables à la pratique: répondre aux besoins d’information des professionnels de la santé (PDF 244 KB)
  • Spanish: Entornos positivos para la práctica: Dar respuesta a las necesidades de información de los profesionales de salud (PDF 202 KB)