European researchers recommend screening for elevated lipoprotein(a) in patients at intermediate or high risk of cardiovascular disease/coronary heart disease. Treatment should primarily be 1-3 grams of niacin per day.

CVD/CHD risk should be identified by presence of premature CVD, family history of high cholesterol, family history of premature CVD and/or elevated lipoprotein(a), recurrent CVD despite statin treatment, 10-year risk of fatal CVD at three percent or higher according to European guidelines and/or 10-year risk of fatal or non-fatal CHD  at 10 percent or higher according to US guidelines.

1. Nordestgaard BG, Chapman MJ, Ray K, et al. Lipoprotein(a) as a cardiovascular risk factor: current status. European Heart Journal, published online 21 Oct 2010. (open access)