A study published in the journal BMC Women’s Health indicated that only 32 percent of women aged 19-26 years who had not received the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine believed the vaccine was important, and less than one-third had discussed the vaccine with a doctor or received a doctor’s recommendation.

“The most effective way to protect the greatest number of women against HPV infection is to optimize provision of vaccine to all women eligible for vaccination,” the study authors said.

Therefore, educational interventions for young women about vaccine safety, vaccine efficacy, insurance coverage, and the value of vaccination to women in monogamous relationships may be needed to better inform those who decline HPV vaccination.

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1. Zimet GD, Weiss TW, Rosenthal SL, et al. Reasons for non-vaccination against HPV and future vaccination intentions among 19-26 year-old women. BMC Women’s Health 2010; 10: 27. (open access)